The World of a Thousand Businesses! The Secret to Being Seen on the Top of The Mountain.

 by: Anthony Jewell

The market online for any business is usually so over-saturated with companies that the selection process for a future possible client is a very tough one. Just think if you were to go online and search at google for "web hosting". You will get around 265,000,000 results returned back to you and if your like me you just don't have that much time to search. Lets say out of these results that even 1/10000th or 26,500 are actually webhosting companies(probably far more). Do you think even if you were to review them all that you could make a clear decision? I don't think you could but what would help you make a decision is an attraction developed to some of the sites you've visited. This attraction was probably created by the brand and website design which left an image in your mind. This is another form of marketing that allows a company to stay in your mind even after you leave their site. This is the secret on how you can be seen on top of that huge mountain of companies!

Now that you figured out the secret you have to take the steps to using it to gain the edge on your competition and trust me you can. You goals for your company will start to become clearer at this point with you developing a marketing plan based around your website. It is a two step process. Step One(1) is to get people to your website. Step Two(2) is to have people remember you even after they exit your site. Especially having them bookmark you so that they can come back any time and never have to worry about forgetting your url. This is why it is important to have a book mark link on your website!

While developing your website so that it is memorable you also have to make sure that it is stimulating to the mind. That it what really makes visitors think and want to find out more about your company. Once you achieve this you have to combine the design with features that the user can enjoy as well as get use out of. This will be a two prong approach where your activate the mind by not only the design or colors but you also get the mind moving and stimulate it with great website features(actually workable elements such as a domain look up, site builder ect...).

Using this approach will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits your website and will keep them coming back for more.

About The Author

Anthony Jewell has over 6 Years experience in the Web & Graphics World. You can visit my business and join in conversation at our forum at &

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