Take Care Of Your eBay Customers' Needs To Grow Your Business

 by: Cristina Diaz

After the auction for your item has finished and there is a highest bidder, you need to ensure that the sale is finalised, you get paid and your customer is happy with the transaction.

This is because to sell successfully on eBay you need your customers to be satisfied as they reflect your service in the comments they leave. This feedback is the way other prospective buyers will judge whether or not to make business with you.

Be prompt in sending the winner of the auction an email to ensure good communication. In this email, it must be clear:

  • the item they have won

  • the total price they are to pay, detailing postage

  • how to pay for the item and the payment options that you accept

  • when you will post the item and when they can expect it

It is also a good idea that you offer to be contacted through eBay if they have any questions or problems. This builds trust with the buyer and ensures good customer service on your side.

Once after you have received payment from the buyer, you should send another email thanking them for the payment and informing them of when and how you will post the item, and when they can expect its delivery. Again, offer to be contacted if they need it.

Pack your item neatly and ship it promptly. Inform your customer that you have sent the item; they will be looking forward to receiving it and glad to hear it is on its way.

It is normal that once after the customer has received the item, they post feedback for you. If this is not the case, send the customer an email, requesting them politely to leave feedback for you if everything was all right with the item. Offer to be contacted.

Leave feedback for the buyer in return. Usually everything goes fine and your buyer will have left positive feedback. Give positive feedback as well in return.

If you follow all these steps you are very likely to receive excellent feedback comments from your buyers. Think of how you would like the customer service to be if you were the one buying, and offer even better service. In the end, this is what makes the difference between a good and an excellent eBay seller.

About The Author

Cristina Diaz is a writer and co-editor of various websites. Visit her eBay store at http://stores.ebay.co.uk/eBooks-and-Bits.

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