Using the Public to Help Your Marketing

 by: Scott F. Geld

Advertising by Recommendation

Without a shadow of a doubt, recommendation or word of mouth was the earliest form of marketing. Even in primitive times, people knew from whom they could get the supplies they needed. Without other methods such as radio or newspapers, trade relied entirely on recommendations. This method is still with us today.

Making the Most of Recommendations

So in today's world of technology, how do you use word of mouth marketing to your advantage? It is likely not as hard as you think, but you are going to have to do some research and also be organized if you want it to be successful. Word of mouth marketing can be a very positive experience. You want to create publicity and customer word of mouth marketing.

If a customer has enjoyed your product and has had a good experience they will be likely to share this with friends and colleagues. In turn, the people they have told are much more likely to purchase your product in the future.

Encouraging people to talk about your product can be both easy and difficult. Certain products are automatically talked about as they are new and innovative, others will need a little more encouragement.

A great way to raise your profile with the public is to do something such as participating in a community event or making a donation to charity. This will automatically encourage people to take notice of and talk about your organization.

Tips for Increasing Word of Mouth Marketing

Customers are very wary of being tricked, so one of the best things that you can do is to treat your current customers with integrity at all times. They will then tell their friends that you are trustworthy.

You should also remember that often simpler is better. And you should never make claim that you can not back up. Lastly, you should also treat your customers kindly and with respect. They will enjoy the experience and then go on to tell other people and you and your company.

About The Author

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