The Old MBA Urgently Claim For the New Business Technologies

żby: S. Maurer

A report from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the primary accrediting body in North America lambasted its members for maintaining a 60-years old curriculum that is out of touch with modern business practices.

CRM: Managing sales data and processes can be simplified using todayA's business technologies software solutions. These products automate nearly all of the tasks that salespeople and their support staffs once performed manually. As a category, these products are generally referred to as Customer Relationship Management CRM solutions.

CIO: Part of the Chief Information Officer CIO responsibility is on the Information Technology IT side, but it also was to change an organization in all the business fields.

PM: Project management focuses on the management of specific, discreet projects. A project is żany undertaking with a defined starting point and defined objectives by which completion is identified". The project manager has to have decision-making authority to keep the objectives, schedule, and resources in balance. In reality, this may be difficult to achieve, but a project manager should at least have a written statement defining his authority and which manager they should go to for decisions beyond the scope of this authority.

CI: To obtain reliable answers, you need the ability to create customer intelligence from the mountains of disconnected customer data you collect on a daily basis.

And the ERP, SCM, BI, VOIP, BPM, Workflow and tenths of others that the old MBA executives think as ITs responsabilities.


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S. Maurer is a 53-years old college graduated IT professional, with 30 years of experience in the computer & technology business. Now is the Correspondence Courses Director of

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