How to Earn Dollars on your Free Website

 by: Romeo Palmares

Before I became a dot com I used to invest my time on free websites and studied everything needed to make it work and as much as possible make it earn at the cost of only my time and effort.

After several months of promoting my free website I was surprised to see the flow of free traffic rushing in, but there is always a downside to free website - bandwidth. My free webhosting gave me about 2 gigabytes of bandwidth every month which cannot compensate to the flow of my traffic.

My free website shuts off for atleast 30 minutes everytime it reaches its bandwidth limit which was divided every hour. Well anyway I was thinking at that time what to do with my traffic and how can I convert this traffic into cash. I researched everyday until I caught google's cash making machine - the adsense.

At the expense of my time and effort I had made some cash in return. Needless to say that free websites not only gave me a lot of fun but it payed off really well. Up to this day I already have my own dot com the but I still maintain my free website the

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About The Author

Romeo Palmares is a network administrator in one of the government agencies in the country and he is also a webmaster of and

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