How Retired Folks can Build a Web Business

 by: John Lynch

How Retired Folks can Build a Web Business

Many retired folks consider part-time work to make extra money. Though few consider the internet, nevertheless the technology has become simpler in recent times and the learning curve is not so steep.

With the amount of experience that many retired people have accumulated over the years both work related and hobbies, the internet is definitely worth considering.

1) Advantages of an Online Business

A work-at-home business on the internet can solve many problems. It can lead to extra income while being flexible enough to allow you to enjoy yourself and follow your hobbies.

You simply work the few hours during the day or grab opportunities when they arise. For example, I have started to write this article at the swimming pool while my children have their weekly swimming lesson. The internet allows this kind of flexibility.

2) What do you Need to Start a Web Business?

The initial requirement for this business is to have the confidence that you can be successful regardless of your experience with computers or the internet. Persistence is also vital as many people jump about from one internet opportunity to the next.

The right tools and the right information to guide you are essential. Many people wonder what sort of web business should they start.

Here I am giving you a link to several free ebooks on how to start and grow an Internet business. Topics covered include:

a) How to be an online Service Seller.

b) How to be a successful affiliate.

c) How to start an Internet Auctions business.

d) How to drop ship goods without touching them.

Click below to download these free ebooks now.

3) How do you Build a Web Site?

In the recent past, the task of putting up a web site and submitting it to the search engines and getting a merchant account and taking online orders was quite a task. Definitely, something for the technies.

However, now the technology has moved on and anybody who is prepared to learn can master this in a few months. Today, we have all-in-one packages that allow you to build a web site, research the keywords, submit it to the search engines and build an online store in the one package.

The advantages of these all-in-one packages are that they save money as all the tools are in the same package. It saves a lot of time learning how to set up your business and it is easy to run because of the brilliance of the tools at your disposal.

Two of the best of these web site building packages are Site Build It and Third Sphere.

To have a look at the benefits of using Site Build It go to:

To have a look at Third Sphere go to:

4) What Sort of Business do you run?

The usual advice is to get involved in niche areas where there is little competition from the big companies. The big companies don't bother as the markets are too small for them. However, there is still plenty of money to be made by small web sites. The message here is simple - don't take on WalMart!

So there you have the benefits of starting your own online business. Few businesses have the kind of flexibility that the internet offers. And the learning curve is not that steep.

So what are you waiting for? Download the free ebooks I listed above and start reading.

(c) John Lynch

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