Making Money Online: So Much To Do, So Much To See

 by: David Lumsden

You are ready, the adventure begins, and the great world of a new enterprise, an online business is to be launched by you. Yes, you. Are you ready?

It is (possibly/probably) your aim to begin an online money making business that will replace the day job. You may have started with your own idea, nourished, enhanced it and now believe in it. You might have done the (probably) more sensible act of finding an online business using due diligence.

Be warned, you must be ready. You are going to experience something totally, breath takingly new. You are about to encounter a fiend in box like shape (your computer monitor). Once you begin, you will meet a phenomenon you cannot switch off.

It has a name. It is called (by me anyway) ‘New Stuff’.

Let us go back a step before I tell you, warn you about ‘New Stuff’. In this example I will assume that you have bought a turnkey money making online business. It has been used successfully (so it says) in the real world.

We will give it a bit more meat and say it is an online business selling an ebook on ‘How to make money with an online business’ and retails at $29. When you bought the business, it came with full instructions in the form of an ebook.

In a nutshell, you have bought a business, which tells you how to sell the very same business over and over again. There is nothing wrong with that, it does work, but let’s face it, it does have a number of downsides. But that is not what this article is about. Oh no.

You have followed the instructions, eventually, as the ebook did not immediately download as promised because you did not have the right version of whatever program was needed to complete the downloading in the first place. Long-winded sentence, long-winded downloading too. (You have by the way unwittingly opened the other box called ‘New Stuff’).

You have moved on and created the ready-made website which will be the selling point for your ebook. You now have to post that webpage to the Internet. The ebook is clear and (reasonably) easy to follow, but at this point it lets you down. The program it says you must use to perform this simple task is no longer available. And if you don’t know how to get round that you are mightily stalled.

You have no chance now; you must take another look in the ‘New Stuff’ box. Remember your first problem when you could not download the ebook instructions and you did not get a response from the ‘Help Desk’. You guessed, no response this time either.

(Many of you may be starting to distrust the ebook business you are trying to launch online, quite right too, but please don’t forget this is hyper theoretical. There is a point way outside this particularly poor ebook business).

The website is at present non-functional, no active website means no traffic and woefully therefore no sales. Millions of eager, potential ebook sellers of ‘How to etc etc’ are missing their collective one-time opportunity to start their own online business etc etc, and all because your website lies dormant. It and your budding business are comatose.

You turn to ‘New Stuff’. You go to Google, Yahoo, you search for an answer. How can I post my website to the Internet? You find many answers, some expensive, others hopelessly wrong, answers so bemusing your once clear head begins to spin. And this is just the beginning; ‘New Stuff’ will have your very soul. Why and here is the warning.

‘New Stuff’ will break you if you are not very, very careful indeed. It will lead you astray, down blind alleys, it will, it will, turn your head away from your ‘Focus’. You may well have been trying to post your webpage to the internet, but in opening the ‘New Stuff’ box, you have found other websites that promise you the earth if only, if only, you would follow their plan. Join today, the lottery cash is yours for the taking tomorrow.

Beware ‘New Stuff’ can overwhelm you. After all the Internet is the biggest book (ebook?) ever written, constantly growing, ever moving and all consuming.

Here it comes, my advice. Use the ‘New Stuff’, use it well. But stay focused on your reason for using it, do not let it take you to faraway places, it can and will if you let it.

(Need help posting your website to the Internet, I use FileZilla, it works a treat).

Copyright 2005 David Lumsden

About The Author

David Lumsden

Not long ago, I didn't know ANYTHING about Internet marketing... However, within just 2 weeks, I launched my own website AND learned how to profit from an opt-in list, pull in sales with ezines, make money with Google Adwords and setup my own BLOG! Here's how:

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