Give Your Customers A True And Cost Effective 3D Experience

 by: Sevilia Amir

Our digitally networked society creates an ever increasing demand for accurate information. We regard it as an important challenge for the e-commerce to aid the user in close understanding of the information about the product presented on the site. Since comparatively recent time 3D computer technologies has become the application that delivers all the power you need today and remains competitive against these challenges. It's intuitively obvious that 3D data enables better and faster comprehension, better retention, communication and collaboration.

Just imagine that u can easily feel yourself as if you really are in side of a house or flat you are interested in. You can come into any room, look around, zoom in and out and look up and down, examine every corner of your potential new home, move from a yard in front of the house to hall, then to leaving room, etc... ect . This is what a 3D panorama enables you to experience.

Nowadays one of leading corporations producing software for creating and processing Panoramas Anything3D Corp proudly presents extremely fresh and absolutely exclusive software - a revolutionary new approach in 3D Solution worked out on the basis of many-years experience.

Anything 3D Corporation has released what it hopes will become its flagship product - A3D Stitcher. .

A3D Stitcher is highly tailored program designed for creating and processing Panoramic Images. It helps to create both simple Panoramic images and Interactive Movies.

Its principle features are full Auto Mode, professional Manual Mode, image brightness, contrast and sharpness adjustment, powerful export/Import system with support of all popular formats and enhanced storage system. A3D Stitcher is prominent among the analogues software by its high quality of result panoramas, high image processing speed and easy-to-use interface .

With the help of A3D Stitcher you can create 3D Panorama of your house, yard or place you want to show everybody. You can create 3D Panoramas for electronic Photo Album, send them by email and show them to friends. A3D Stitcher is an absolutely indispensable solution for web design.

Every day internet surfers visit a lot of sites differ from each other by interface, ideas, colors and presentation pictures. Taking into account that vital colorful images have always been one of the most powerful means of attracting clients one can hardly underestimate the usefulness of A3D Stitcher. This unique solution may enable you to show visitors not just plane pictures but whole Panoramas of places and objects.

You want to make your impressions be closer to people? You want to be modern in this world? So you are welcome to visit our site and learn more about A3D Stitcher...

About The Author

Sevilia Amir

Sales manager, Anything 3D Corp., 24 years old

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