Selling Second-Hand Books On EBay

 by: Stephen Webb

To be able to make a part-time income on eBay you need a steady supply of products that are constantly in demand.

There is a serious problem with obtaining products from wholesalers or drop shippers. Basically, anyone else can also obtain the same products and undercut you pricing on eBay.

It’s very hard to regularly make a part time income on eBay with products that can be obtained by virtually anyone. You need a product that is unique to you, a product that would be difficult for anyone to copy.

But you may not have the skills or knowledge to create your own product. So what do you do?

I think that I may have the answer for you. There is a huge market on eBay for second-hand books. Over four thousand are sold each week. That’s a big market and you should be able to create a part-time income for yourself.

The great thing about second hand books is that they are readily available but not from wholesalers and drop shippers. So this eliminates the problem of people undercutting your price.

The potential profit on a book can be quite large. For example you may buy a book for $20 and resell it for $40 to $50. That is a big profit margin and I doubt if you can find many other products that match that profitability.

To be able to successfully sell second hand books you will need to get a list of which types of books are in demand. For example is a James Bond book more treasured than an Enid

You will also need to learn how to identify and describe the condition of each book that you sell. This is vital for creating an advert on eBay that will attract potential buyers. You will need to be able to asses and describe the condition of the spine, hinges, cover, pages, dust jacket and many other aspects of the book.

You’ll be amazed at the sort of places where you can buy second-hand books for resell, such as junk shops, thrift shops, charity shops, garage sales, estate sales, car boot sales. You can often buy a book for a very low price at these places and resell for a huge profit.

So, you can see that there is a lot to learn about buying and selling second hand books, but the profit margin makes it all worth while.

About The Author

Stephen Webb

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