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żby: Tina Rideout

Historically merchants have utilized couponing to draw customers to their businesses and to give incentives to preferred customers.

I remember as a child my parents saving the little gold stamps from our local Piggly Wiggly. We had cans of those things. Going to the local retail outlet after our books were filled with all those little gold stamps was always exciting as we redeemed them for items we would not usually be able to enjoy. Couponing has come along way since those days.

The development of Online Couponing has grown significantly over the past few years. More merchants are therefore devoting more of their advertising dollars to Online Couponing.

Online Couponing allows merchants to create coupons for advertising and promotion, A well designed coupon is a very effective advertising tool which creates product awareness, and increases sales.

When the coupon is downloaded, users give the company their name, e-mail address and other information. The coupon's code is tied to each individual user, so when it is redeemed, the company knows who redeemed it and where.

The advantages of Online Couponing:

Reduced cost and more efficient administration of the coupons. Newspaper and hard copy coupons are expensive and less productive

Less labor intensive.

Faster payments and redemption report tracking

Validation reporting and lessens invalid redemptions.

As I stated earlier, Couponing has been around a long time, and it remains as one of the leading marketing tools for merchants. Couponing works and will continue to grow as our market dynamics change via the Internet. Resulting in a win win deal for both the consumer and the merchants.

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