Mental Attitude : The Power of Your Thoughts

 by: Anne Ahira

Every Human Achievement, from the Roman Coliseum to this course you’re reading, began as a single thought. You and you alone have the power to decide what you want from life and to make your dreams come true.

To put it another way, you not only chose your destiny, you chose your reality! Do you want to be a success online? Then make that part of your reality! See yourself as successful and it will happen! Psychologists have shown numerous times that when a person becomes ready and willing to accept something into their life, it appears for them.

So, how do you go about creating a new, prosperous reality? The first place to start is to take a good look at your thoughts. Let’s use a dog as an example. What do you think of when you think of a dog? Is he dirty? Is he loud? Or is he your best friend that’s allowed to sleep with you even though he hogs the bed? The fact is he’s a dog. It’s your perception of what a dog is that makes him good or bad. The same can be applied to anything else in life! Take control of your own reality! Remove negative thoughts and believe in your success!

Napoleon Hill, in his best-selling book, Think and Grown Rich, spent a lifetime studying successful millionaires such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie. What did he find that made them all successful? They all believed in the power of their thoughts! Specifically, they all had:

A burning desire for success. These men were passionate about what they were doing! You can’t kinda, sorta, want to make money online. You have to really want it!

Did you watch any of the Winter Olympic games? Did you hear what the commentators said about the athletes that came out of nowhere to win the gold medal? “Their performance was great! You could tell that they really wanted to win this! They were determined to be the best!”

An unshakable belief in themselves and their dreams. How many times do you think the Wright brothers were laughed at when they told people they were going to fly? The concept of flight was not a part of anyone’s reality back then but they saw that it was possible. Look where we are today because of that one belief, that one simple thought!

Persistence. Thomas Edison had less than three months of schooling but he became the world’s leading inventor. He failed hundreds and hundreds of times but his persistence led to the invention of the light bulb, telephone and hundreds of other useful devices.

There are going to be times when your dreams are not working out the way you had hoped- your plans aren't working, your ads aren’t pulling, your product isn’t right. DON'T QUIT! This is a temporary condition! You have to fail sometimes to find success. The key is to keep trying and learning! How many times did you fall down when first learning to ride a bike? But you got back up, didn’t you? And you kept trying until you got it right.

Let me put it another way. You didn’t take the leap into network marketing to just quit, did you? It’s like climbing a mountain. You will find some hard parts along the way, a few boulders may be thrown at you, but step by step you will finally make it to the top!

The Internet is not a get rich quick scheme. It just doesn't work that way. It takes times and it takes work. But all the key elements of success are already inside of you! Remember, If you can dream it, if you can imagine it, if you can believe it, you can achieve it!

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