Top Ten Rules of Doing Business Online

żby: Anne Ahira

1. Respond quickly.

The internet is full of websites that can grab your customer's attention away from you. Make sure you give them the information NOW, while you're still on their mind.

2. Give the prospect enough information as possible to make an informed decision.

You want to make the buying process as simple as possible. Give them the answers to all their questions so they will feel comfortable buying your product.

3. Offer several ways of communicating with you.

Let your customers know that you care enough to be available for them. Don't ever hide behind your website.

4. Be honest in everything.

Your reputation is what will make you a success. Treat others fairly and the rest will fall into place.

5. Create desire for all types.

People buy for different reasons. Write logically and emotionally. You want to create (emotional) desire for your product but also eliminate the (logical) arguments some prospects may have against buying.

6. Write with all readers in mind.

Include subtitles and lists for people who will only skim the website and make detailed descriptions for people who want a more thorough explanation.

7. Let other people sell for you.

Testimonials and joint ventures are the most powerful form of advertising you can use. They are also a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising so make sure you start using these immediately.

8. Create a sense of urgency.

You've spent your hard-earned money to get prospects to your site. Give them an incentive to order when they get there! If someone feels that they can come back at any time and order, they'll procrastinate. More than likely they'll leave your site and never remember to come back.

9. Ask for the sale!

Don't be shy about this. Show them that they are getting far more than what they are paying for and then tell them how to order. Place several order links throughout your ad copy.

10. Overdeliver.

Your list of previous customers is the most valuable thing you own. If you treat your customers special, you will be rewarded by referrals and repeat business. Remember to keep in touch with these people and help them out whenever you can.

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