Home Business Ideas for Writers

 by: Michael Law

Who wouldn't love to make money in a profitable home business? The advantages are right in front of you - set your own hours, work as much as you want, make money without having to fight traffic or leave your home. The question is - what's a good home business? If you're looking for good ideas for a home business, you don't have to look any further than your own interests and abilities. A good writer, for instance, has a number of different ways to create a business based on their avocation and turn it into a paying vocation.

Home Business Idea #1 for Writers: Freelance Web Content

The newest buzzword in the internet market is 'content'. Webmasters and business have discovered what surfers have known all along - content is king. The web sites that get the big audiences - and attract money-making ads from affiliate programs - are the ones that have informative news, articles and tutorials. This is great news for writers. It's created a booming market for freelance writers who work from home.

Turn your interests into how-to articles, personal reflections or informative articles on just about any subject you can imagine, and you'll find people who are looking to buy it.

Home Business Idea #2 for Writers: Teach Writing Workshops

If you have top-notch critiquing skills, a home business helping others improve their writing may be just the right business for you. You don't have to invite writers into your home if that makes you uncomfortable. Local bookstores and coffee shops are usually thrilled to have a regular group come in - it's great for their business too.

Home Business Idea #3 for Writers: Ghostwriting

Surprisingly enough, ghostwriting is one of the better paying segments of the freelancing business. It's not just celebrities who need someone to put their stories into words, either. There are many 'ordinary' people who need to write for business, or who have a story they want to tell, and just can't get the words put together. You won't get a byline, but you will get paid - and paid quite well, and isn't that what you're in business for?

Home Business Idea #4 for Writers: Editing and Proofreading

Got a college in your town? If so, you'll find plenty of freelance work as a proofreader and editor. Students and professors alike do huge amounts of writing - and a lot of it is vital to their tenure and their careers. They'll welcome the services of a good editor or proofreader who understands the form and formalities of theses, theme papers, dissertations and abstracts. Depending on the level of difficulty, you can charge anywhere from $1 to $5 a page for making grammatical corrections and fixing formatting.

These are just a small sampling of home business ideas for writers. Just a little creativity and you could easily come up with another dozen. Just remember that writing talent isn't enough. The real talent to turning your writing into a home business is work. Get that concept under your belt, and you'll be on your way to making a living as a freelance writer - from home.

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