So how long does it Really take to build a top notch niche website?

żby: Ryan Blake

Well follow these steps bellow and you could have one up and running in no time...

A niche website doesn't have to be fancy and have all the bells and whistles which so many websites have now a days. For all that fancy stuff makes the page generate slowly and if a possible customer has to wait then there's no ways he's gona stay....

He'll just move on to the next page in line.

For a niche website to be a success it needs these two characteristics.

A? It needs to load quickly so that the customer can see what you have to offer.

A? It needs to be Search Engine friendly.

Below is a list of websites where you can quickly generate traffic hungry websites in no time.

So go check them out.

All these programs work in basically three easy steps:

1. You import a list of keywords.

2. You fill in a little bit of easy information.

3. And the program automatically creates thousands of optimized pages for the search engines to devour!

There are two that I actually prefer over the rest and they are the top 2 but you can make your own decision on that.

There is one thing that is VITALLY IMPORTANT and that is to make your template as different from the default as possible NO MATTER what kind of page generator software you are using, for a lot of people are real lazy and will just cut and paste and then you're simply wasting your time for the key is diversity.

The search engines are getting wise to these type of sites and the further you can distance yourself from the standard 'out of the box' site the better off you will be.

Here is a great place to find custom templates:

Now that you have a unique template the next MOST IMPORTANT step is to make your web pages irresistible to the "Search Engines".

While page generation is a fabulous way to get thousands of pages up fast - how do you automate the process and yet give the search engines exactly what they are looking for? You give them current, fresh & relevant content? You can do this an more with a piece of code you get from

Just insert this code on the template before you generate your pages - and a specially programmed server would automatically place a keyword relevant article on that page BEFORE the search engine has crawled it!

Here are 3 reasons why this works so well.

1. It makes your pages rank higher.

2. It makes your pages more user friendly to the surfer and more clickable.

3. It makes your pages irresistibly fit the needs of the search engines.

Here are a few great programs that help you add tons of fresh content to your sites:

And there's one more piece of code you will want to paste into your template before you generate those 1000's of pages...

That piece of code is available at

RSS is a great way to make your site "unfingerprintable" because without RSS Randomizer on your site, finding and banning your machine generated site is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel for "Search Engines!"

Here are a couple great programs that help you add RSS listings to your sites:

So go check it out and best of luck.

Copyright 2005 Ryan Blake

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Best of luck with the future.


Ryan Blake.

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