The Truth about Making Money Online

 by: Joaquin de la Sierra

You have probably seen hundreds of websites offering you ways to make a living from the internet. As you probably know by now, most of them don’t work. Nevertheless, among all that trash must be a couple of jewels, or they wouldn’t be promoted at all, would they?

I present you to reality. Making money online is a reality that is making many individuals thousands of dollars per day. Unfortunately, they don’t share their secrets, or there would be too much competition for them!

It is the scope of this article to give you a quick glance at the truth about making money, ready? Here we go:

Creativity - This is undoubtedly the most important step which will decide your faith. Always before making a website, brainstorm for a couple of hours and see if you can come up with a new idea for your specific website plan. If you do, the big bucks are around the corner.

Website - The first thing that you really need if you want to be successful online is a good website. Even though thousands of programs offer you a way to make money “without a website”, that is more often than not an avoidable lie. Choose your subject carefully and when you do, develop it. You might want to get into something making money such as a health-related website, video games, etc. If you wish to make a living from the internet, never make a website offering free information or a blog about your life - the big bucks are not there.

Traffic - After you finished making a good website, it’s time to pour traffic into it. Do whatever you can to get traffic: Write articles, post your link in your signature, and submit your link to directories... you get the idea now. Do whatever you can to get as many incoming links as possible. Nevertheless, never use black hat techniques that may get you penalized. Stand firmly on the ground and within a couple of months you will be getting more traffic than you ever wanted. Remember to write a page of quality content regularly (preferably once per day).

Affiliate Programs - They are very popular and are your ultimate way to success. Don’t stick to Adsense only and always try to be with as many different affiliate programs as possible. I personally recommend Click Bank and Clixgalore

E-Commerce - Many new money-makers usually make a very big mistake: They rely purely on affiliate programs and Adsense. E-commerce, believe it or not, is growing at an outstanding pace and with any website you have, you may take advantage of it. Today, e-books are very popular - so never hesitate to write one about your niche to sell it in your own website. Remember that you keep %100 of the profits! Even though e-books are very easy to sell and convenient, today mostly everything can be sold so don’t be afraid to try to sell new things.

As you have hopefully realized by now, making money from the internet is a reality. You may begin today with the strategies I showed you above - and remember, never depend on anyone. Depending on a big company can never be good, so do what you can to make your own money. And more importantly, never give up - ranking good on the search engines takes almost a year! So I tell you what I have told myself for five years: Choose an objective, aim, and work towards it!

About The Author

Joaquin is an internet writer who shares his money-making experiences in his personal blog located at

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