Highly Effective Recruiting Strategies

żby: Ken Bidgood

Success in business depends on having the right people on

your team to see that everything gets done properly. To

land the best recruits, you want to sell your company as a

place that is unique and where the opinion of the employee

matters. This ensures that you retain your current top

performers and can attract new ones.

As a small business approaches the recruiting process,

addressing it in a professional manner is essential. Be

alert! Work smarter and take advantage of unusual sources.

Don't be afraid to ask interview questions that cause people

to squirm. Do a better job of checking references and back-

grounds. Know what the expectations are of the individual

seeking a job and make sure you can meet his/her expect-


A successful recruiting strategy must take into account

what applicants are looking for. Craft a clear mission

statement meant to attract only the top performers.

Mission statements offering job security with opportunities

for advancement to top performers are generally considered

superior. You will find that top applicants are more

likely to seek employment with an organization that they

feel they can relate to so take advantage of the interview

process and be sure to tell people precisely why your

organization is a truly unique place to work.

Most people are interested in contributing to the success

of a business and are more likely to come aboard if you can

somehow make them feel special and appreciated. An

understanding of this principle leads many business owners

to create positions within the general framework of the


The recruiting process is vital. It needs to be approached

with professionalism and taken seriously. Create job

descriptions and essential skill lists that are accurate

and to the point. Ongoing assessments during the

recruiting process will help you find the perfect


The first step is to define what talents a person must have

to be successful in this position. Come up with a list of

ten behaviors and the technical, mental, or physical skills

necessary for success. For this, a list of questions is


Advertise the position based on the behavior and skills

needed. Here is where you'll need to be creative. As all

good business owners, seek out what others have done to

attract job seekers. Don't skimp on researching other

corporation ads. Sometimes it isn't necessary to recreate

the wheel, just add a piece of yourself to the advertise-


Make sure you list the benefits to working for your company.

The goal is to find a way to get the message to people who

already are working, not to those who are always looking.

The recruitment process, it is important for hiring

managers to focus on five major areas: the position

itself, the recruitment process, product and services

knowledge, employee expectations, and personal

assertiveness. You will want to keep an open door with

regards to communication during this process and be

available for questions which inevitably arise along the

way. Candidates, especially top performers, like to feel

like they are truly valued by your organization so making

time for their questions is a good way to make them feel


It takes more than just benefits to convince people to

remain with an organization. Giving people interesting

challenges to tackle with clearly stated and fair

expectations which promote an atmosphere where there are

negative and positive consequences for performance is what

keeps people at places. Such businesses can retain

employees even when they might make more money at another


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