Profit Quickly From Content You Didn't Write

żby: Douglas Titchmarsh

How To Profit Quickly With Content You Didn't Write

Content, without it your website, your e-zine and

your profits will suffer.

With good quality content, all three will benefit

you and your customers much more.

The trouble with good quality content is the time

it takes to produce it. Content takes time to write

and many of us find it difficult to even start writing

our own content for sites and e-zines.

Luckily it is possible to use other peoples content

for your site or newsletter, and they will be happy to

give you the right to use it freely, or sell you it at

a knockdown price.

Finding quality content can be as easy as going to

one of the many article directories where people

submit their articles for others to use. The

drawbacks of this kind of content is that the

author usually requires a link back to their site

or newsletter, and as they are easy to get the

content may be used by many other websites and ezines.

If you feel you can make use of these articles, then

search for your desired subject by keywords at the

article directories such as

Remember to check the terms before you use an article

but most can be used as long as the authors resource

box remains intact, and kept with the article content.

Another method of getting high quality content to

use on your site, newsletter or other places is to

join a content site such as Ready Made Content

This site offers private label content

you can re use in a lot of different ways, but

as always check the licensing terms for the content

you wish to use.

So now you know where to find quality articles and

content, but how can you profit with it?

There are several ways to profit quickly from the

content you just found, one of the easiest is to

use Google Adsense

to add small adverts to webpages. Using the content

from article directories or other sources above, you

can make a themed website around a subject, add the

Adsense code and upload and submit the site to

search engines. A good subject will start to pull

in some money via Google Adsense quite soon after

traffic starts flowing.

While you are making your content site you can

add some affiliate links to related products.

A quick and easy way to make some affiliate

profits from the content is to add links to

products sold at ClickBank, although their

site doesn't have a search facility, there is

one available at

so you can research products by keyword and add your

ClickBank id as an affiliate and add related

products to your content site.

The next tips don't relate to Articles from

directories but will work for the ready made content

from the article and content Private Label suppliers.

If you have private label rights to the content

then you can change it around and re-author it

into a special report around a theme. This report

can then contain affiliate links to products related

to the theme. You can even pick one product and

make a series of reports around it using the

content, and give the reports away. Using an

autoresponder, you could setup several reports

to be sent over a few days, and start an email list

to which you can post other offers later.

Private label content can also be used as the

basis of a complete book. By using selected

articles you can create a high quality ebook which

can be sold, used as a giveaway to attract subscribers

to a newsletter, or even contain adverts which other

companies pay you to put into your book.

These are just a few of the ways quality content could

be used to make a profit. Using these as a starting

point, you should be able to use content in many

other profitable ways. All the resources for profiting

from content are available, from article site builders

to ebook creators and autoresponders, use your

imagination and profit quickly from content you didn't

even have to write.

About The Author

Douglas Titchmarsh has several content sites which pull in revenue linked from as well as running an email newsletters you can join at

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