Get Out Of Debt Fast, Live Comfortably.....All With....Information?

¿by: Matt Galley

It's true, information is the hottest thing to sell on the Net. Why are you here? ...For information!!! Why was the Internet set up...To share information. Buy selling information you will be capitalising in on what the internet was developed to distribute. Makes sense doesn¿t it?

Now, I want to explain why selling information is so profitable.

Then internet is a huge place. It would fill terabytes of space on a computer; there are over one hundred WebPages for every person in the world meaning there are over 600,000,000,000 web pages. (Imagine been able to get a pound off each of them, Bill Gates would look like a pauper compared to the genius who figures that one out)

That¿s six hundred billion web pages if you didn¿t know how many billions all those noughts gave - I even had to look it up and I wanna be a multibillionaire. No hope is there! So back to it; the internet is a huge place and finding what you want on it can be the world¿s most tedious task. You spend an hour tip-tapping round on the net looking for your information. For arguments sake lets say you¿re looking round for information on maybe Real Estate. You put in your search string and hit enter. Google reports, results 1 through 10 of 97,000,000.

The point is, the internet is now, so huge that trying to find anything in it is like reversing a Renault Clio through six foot deep saturated mud. You won¿t get anyway fast and eventually you¿d have to wade through with your hands. It¿s not fun. This is where Global Information Traders come in. They source information, put it into a neat, little package, maybe with a bow (just kidding) and put it into the path of the people searching for the information. (This can easily be in the form of a pay-per-click advertisement and a mini-website)

Now lets look at some figures and how easily it is to create thousands of pounds from one single product.

On average 3% of the people who visit a product website buy from it.

Say you have put together a product which you have priced at ¿49.99. With advertising you manage to get 10,000 visitors to your site per month. 3% of 10,000 is 300. 300x¿49.99 is ¿14,997. Impressed and intrigued?

Well don¿t rush out to set up a pretty site just yet. Imagine you had five of these sites going. And that is really easy. They can be hosted on free servers and advertising doesn¿t have to be online, but in papers (see an example of my advertising campaign through papers below)

So five of these sites generating ¿14,997 per month. That¿s ¿74,985 per month. Most people don¿t earn that in a year and you could be earning that per month. Now yearly you¿d be getting ¿899, 820. Now if you can¿t live comfortably off that, you¿ve probably been brought up in Buckingham Palace. Now this is the point I want you to be impressed.

Now I¿ll give you an example of how I achieved vast sales with just ¿30 of advertising. I bought the domain "" because a) I wasn¿t going to miss the ¿15 it cost to set up with (An excellent site with really cheap hosting and fantastic service-no I¿m not an affiliate) and b) I wanted to look more professional and have a permanent online presence.

I spent a while prancing round on the internet looking for free advertisements. Because basically I¿m a cheap skate (except when it comes to a certain person¿s birthday) I found a few which seemed to offer loads of features. I joined them and found that I had to buy credits for over ¿400 just to get a thousand visitors. Now even though I could easily afford to buy it without batting an eyelid, I didn¿t cause one, I¿m a cheap skate and two, the newspaper dropped through my letterbox and so I got distracted as I always flick through to look for new niches in the market. Flicking through with my cappuccino I noticed advertising on the back few pages. I continued reading and found other web businesses advertising there. I searched them in Google and found they had high rankings. I then went to look at the prices and discovered that for the whole of Cheshire (where I live) was only ¿30 for two weeks. I had a rough little scribble with a pen and paper and a Google search and thoug!

ht that the paper (which is a free one) gets delivered to roughly, 750,000 people bare minimum. I estimated 5% would visit which is 37,500. Then we go back to the 3% of visitors buy the product. 3% of 37,500 is 1125. Then ¿49.99 x 1125 is ¿56,238.75. Now put all that into the five separate websites scenario and work out how much you¿d be earning a year.

Over 3 million a year. Tempting isn¿t it and I guarantee this will make you think at night. Think about the logic behind it; you¿ll be building a turnkey operation business based on what the internet was built for, Sharing information.

Matt Galley

About The Author

Matt Galley

I am an offline and online entrepenuer, and am constantly looking for niches in the market. My current project is Global Distribution of information. I am the sole owner of which distributes informational manuals on a monthly rotation. I also dabble around in affiliate marketing, stock exchange and forex trading. I currently live in Cheshire England.

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