How to Get Authority Over Your Market with Your Blog

 by: Tim OKeefe

Using the Internet journal (blogging) allows the online marketer to talk directly to his/her audience.

Unfortunately, many marketers are not using the most powerful feature of the blog.


What am I talking about? When someone writes a book, immediately they become an expert on their subject. The writer of the Magazine article, the Newsletter author, for some reason are revered in our society. Heck, even the Journalist is raised on high.

Why is Maureen Dowd or Walter Cronkite so revered? Why does their opinion matter? We will even listen to actors who wax political. Why?

Well instead of worrying about the why? Can we agree on the affect?

And, if we can agree on the affect, then we ought to be making our opinion known.Yet, as I started this article,most marketers are blowing their opportunity.

My guess is that many of the marketers that jumped on the blogging bandwagon see it as an opportunity to manipulate a search engine.

The search engines are great. It is what our company does. We get client's leads thru targeted search engine traffic.

I believe that most of the blogs out there in the space, are merely copy and paste renditions of newzie information.

That's OK, but what if you offered your opinion on what that means to your area locally? Your opinion gives you personality, it makes you a real person. It makes you an expert.

The biggest objection is usually the time. I can tell you that I create tons of content, and I have many readers of my content thru rss readers, visitors, and syndication. I believe it is because I offer a very unique take on search engines, lead generation, and websites.

The Same Thing Said 6 Ways

We all have about 5 or 6 or 7 ways that we make a presentation? And the reason I think we do that is we get bored saying the same thing all the time. We also change our presentation to fit our audience.

And, if you are good salesman you are always looking for better analogies, and better ways to make your point more compelling.

That is how I get my content. I will take notes from my own presentations. If I say something brilliant, I immediately write it down. I have a notebook of topics and content ideas.

Another great source is news with your commentary. This article was inspired by a piece on blogging in Revenue magazine. I was reading it over my morning coffee and jotted this down into my blog software.

I urge you to add your personality to your blogs. One technique that will force you into this style is to start using words like you, your, yours, etc instead of acting like an impartial journalist. You are not impartial, you are a salesperson.

If you have any success at all in your business, then you have a unique perspective. Your public hires you for your expertise and opinions. Not your ability to regurgitate news.

Copyright 2005 Tim OKeefe

About The Author

Tim O'Keefe


Spider Juice Technologies, specializes in accelerating website profits thru traffic and lead conversion, as well as automated follow-up strategies. Blogging is part of that online formula.

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