Work From Home With Internet Coupon Business

by: Tom Worsley

There is a new type of work from home business sweeping the internet. Its called (NOC). NOC is a coupon distribution business were you can make money for signing up new merchants and or distributing merchant coupons to consumers.

In my years as an internet work from home entrepreneur I have never come across an opportunity quite like it. There are your average run of the mill affiliate programs that pay you a commission for selling their products but with NOC there is nothing to sell. All you need to do is recruit new merchants to the NOC system and sign them up. This is free for the merchant. Or if you are not into sales and recruiting you could simply give away coupons for free.

NOC is the brain child of Gerry Carson owner of Strong Future International (SFI). SFI already has hundreds of thousands of affiliates already in the system promoting the NOC work from home opportunity and signing up new merchants. SFI has also been in business for some time now making NOC a stable business opportunity that is sure to stand the test of time.

So just how does the whole system work?

Merchants register with NOC (this is 100% FREE) and enter special offers and discounts.

Some examples:

a?? Save $30 off any DVD player.

a?? Buy one large pizza, get a second large pizza free.

a?? Buy two pairs of adult shoes, get the third pair free.

a?? One-year healthclub membership (normally $295) for just $99.

These offers will be available to consumers in the form of coupons they can print out and redeem at the physical store locations of the merchants and/or via a "promotion code" at the merchant's Website.

SFI affiliates promote the merchants' offers. These promotions can run via anything from banners on Websites, to pay-per-clicks, to handing out the coupons to family, friends, and others.

Each time a sale is created (i.e. when a coupon is redeemed), the merchants pay a "bounty" to SFI...with the lion's share going to the affiliate who referred the buyer.

The founder of SFI and NOC believes that NOC could one day be the next e-bay.

QUOTE FROM GERY CARSON: It's said that fortune favors those who act boldly. NOC may appear to be little more than a gnat today, but I believe its potential parallels that of eBay. How's that for boldness?!

If your looking for a brand new ground floor work from home opportunity than the new NOC business may be exactly what you are looking for. For more information and to sign up as an affiliate go to the following site.

About The Author

Tom Worsley is a successful work from home Internet marketer and independent representative for Strong Future International (SFI) , Owner and Webmaster for & . This article may be re-published on your site or in your newsletter as long as this resource box is included.

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