Leverage Your Writing to Increase Your Affiliate Income

 by: Ron Passfield

There is a lot of advice around for anyone engaged in affiliate marketing, but much of it is un-focused and lacks integration.

We are told that we need original, focused, keyword-rich content for our website if it is to attract search engine "crawlers" and targeted visitors.

We are encouraged to update our affiliate marketing blog daily because search engines love regularly updated, keyword-rich blogs.

We are advised to create a regular (at least weekly), personalised ezine for our mailing list and to include articles about affiliate marketing.

We are admonished to send regular messages to our often-forgotten downlines in affiliate programs and traffic exchanges.

We are told that writing original articles and submitting them to article directories is a desirable form of viral marketing for affiliate marketers.

We are urged to post to the forum of our affiliate program as well as other forums associated with affiliate marketing.

Who has the time to do all these affiliate marketing activities? Where are you going to find the time as a part-time affiliate marketer?

One possible solution is to leverage your writing - make one piece of writing serve multiple purposes .

So you have just created a post for your forum. Why not adapt that post for your blog posting or create an article from the post? You have written an article for your ezine, why not submit it to article directories and/or send it to your affiliate program downline?

Even if your posting to the forum is not adequate for an article, you might use the title or core concept for an article. You could add the title to your "article ideas" repository - a spreadsheet, Notepad, word document or your mobile phone "to-do-list".

Recently, I created an article for submission to article directories. I then added this article to my “emarketing articles” blog (to gain subscribers to my ezine), included it in my weekly ezine, sent an abbreviated version to my downlines in my affiliate programs and traffic programs and extracted some content for inclusion in a forum posting and a posting to my “affiliate programs” blog.

If you start thinking in terms of leveraging your writing, you will be surprised by what you can achieve from just one original piece of writing.

The secret to success in this area of affiliate marketing is to be conscious of the needs of the different audiences you serve.

Copyright 2005 Ron Passfield

About The Author

Ron Passfield

This article is written by Ron Passfield, PhD, affiliate marketing coach, who is developing his affiliate business through the step-by-step coaching offered by the Affiliate Classroom: http://www.affiliate-marketing-coach.blogspot.com/

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