Integrate Your Affiliate Programs to Explode Your Affiliate Income

 by: Ron Passfield

When you have been involved in affiliate marketing for a year or more you tend to accumulate memberships in a diverse range of Internet programs that are often disconnected.

You will have memberships in a number of income opportunities, downline building programs, traffic exchanges, and payment systems. In addition, you will have one or more domains and web hosting services and access to autoresponders (free and paid). You might also be lucky enough to have a storehouse of e-books and articles that you can draw on.

The problem with this accumulation of diverse programs is that it can cause you to become unfocused and can dissipate or drain your energy.

There are parallels in the corporate world of the 1970’s when companies decided to diversify through random acquisitions. By the 1980’s, many companies were drained by these acquisitions and had to off-load them. The catch-cry was “get back to your core business”. There was a strong move to “integration” of processes, products and services to lift revenue and profit.

In affiliate marketing, you too can explode your affiliate revenue by identifying your core business and integrating other programs around this focus. This will require some hard decisions but it will be worthwhile in the end.

Here are 3 ways that you can achieve integration of your programs.

1. An integrated downline building program

There are numerous downline building programs available that can help you integrate your programs. You need to make sure that the one you choose also builds downlines in your core income producing business.

It should also enable you to build downlines in traffic exchanges, payment systems (such as Paypal, e-Gold, and IntGold) and other downline building systems.

You should also make sure that the owner of the downline building program is genuinely interested in helping you build your downlines and is not just focused on promoting themselves and their own affiliate links.

This form of integration enables you to promote one core program URL and simultaneously build downlines in multiple programs, including your core business.

2. An integrated autoresponder

Often affiliate marketers have one or more autoresponder systems, a separate storehouse of e-books and a different repository for articles.

One way to integrate the functions of ezine publishing, lead capture page creation and list building is to locate a provider/program that gives you an autoresponder integrated with an electronic warehouse of software and e-books and a library of articles for your use.

You can then build lead capture pages that offer an e-book or software (from the integrated warehouse) as a teaser and capture the “lead” as a subscriber to your ezine (through using your autoresponder link). Your weekly ezine can be built from the integrated article library.

Make sure, however, that you are also able to plug-in your own articles. As you become more proficient with writing articles, you will be able to include more and more of your own articles in your ezine and build “resource boxes” or “author profiles” that direct prospects to websites or blogs of your choice.

3. An affiliate marketing coach focused on integration

There are now endless resources available on the Internet to help you with your affiliate marketing. There are e-books, video and audio resources, online tutorials, special reports and e-mail courses on every conceivable topic. Increasingly, many of these resources are free.

However, gaining access to information is no longer the real challenge. The challenge of today’s world is learning how to focus and harness this information to achieve your goals.

This is where an affiliate marketing coach can help you. They can help you identify a niche product/service that draws on your strengths and life history, assist you to develop a comprehensive and integrated marketing plan, and build your confidence in affiliate marketing. Such a resource person is priceless because all the information in the world is of little use to you unless you can translate the great ideas into real, focused action.

If you adopt the “integration” mindset, you will find numerous ways to achieve synergy amongst your programs so that your results grow rapidly because each program is reinforcing the others.

Copyright 2005 Ron Passfield

About The Author

This article is written by Ron Passfield, PhD, who is building his affiliate coaching business through the Affiliate Classroom:

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