Does Money Arrive In Your Bank Account Every Night?

┐by: David Ferrers

It does mine, and that makes me very happy! The money has been arriving in my bank account every night ever since I mastered the art of driving traffic to a web site that converts visitors into customers.

I will admit that for the first month or so it was a bit slow, but as I learned more and more, the money arrived more frequently.

For a long time I'd had the dream of running a business of my own on the Internet. A business I could run from home. But for many years the reality eluded me. I worked amazing hours but it made no difference. My web sites just did not work. I seemed like the harder I tried the less progress I made.

And then one day the pieces of the jig-saw just started to fall into place. It was like somebody was suddenly switching on the lights. Almost overnight I became more confident, convinced I was on the right track. And that was the beginning.

I added a single page to a web site and visitors started to show up. In the first month I got twice as many visitors on that single page as I had on the whole of a big web site which I'd been building and adding to for more than a year.

But the best bit was that these visitors were buying from me. Spending their hard-earned cash. And it was going into my bank account!

Ever since then the money has just kept on rolling in. It's a really nice feeling going to look at your bank account in the morning and seeing more money has arrived overnight.

Once my confidence was up I found I was able to do some really cool things which made my site work better and better.

You know how it is when someone suggests that you try yet another software program; you sigh resignedly, bite the bullet and get the credit card out, again. And, when it arrives you are confronted with pages and pages of instruction, much of which is really difficult to understand because you don't speak 'tekkie'. Well, all of that stuff can be easily explained.

I've formed my own picture library so that now, when someone asks me ┐how the heck do you do that?┐ I can just say: ┐go to this Internet address and you'll see this picture, click here and this will happen, click here and this will happen┐ and so on. With pictures it's real easy to understand.

And when we get on to the more advanced stuff I've made video tutorials to make things even easier to understand.

Once you've cracked it, it's not that hard to make money online. You can do it the hard way or ask me to show you picture-by-picture the quick way.

About The Author

David Ferrers

This article describes what happens on the free Diploma Course at The Online Business Academy. In the course David tells students how to develop web sites which attract visitors like flies and convert them into paying customers. You can join the free Diploma Course at:

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