Just One Article and WOW!

 by: Scott Raven

Let me share with you a Real Life Case of Content in its most Valuable Form. I have been marketing online for about 1 year or so, maybe a little longer. Anyway, most of what I had been doing was Traffic Exchanges and a Forum here and there, safelists and push-button mailers (which I am now sure were probably mostly spam)...oh, and Banging my head against the wall because nothing was working well. Yeah, I would make a sale here or there, but nothing to be proud of.

After reading about Article Submission, I really put some thought into it and decided that surely I could come up with something. I figured, hey the worst that can happen is that someone reads my article and thinks it is horrible and doesn't visit. No big deal, right?

Well, here is the really cool part...

I wrote that article and submitted it to 3 or 4 free submission sites...that's all, just 3 or 4. Before I knew it, I was getting subscribers left and right. I did a search and found out that not only was my article showing on the submission sites, but it was showing up on several other websites and blogs. Boy was I surprised! People actually wanted something that I wrote on their own sites.

Now, besides the extra subscribers (over 100 in fact), I also got a nice surprise when the Google Dance took place a couple weeks ago. For those of you who don't know what the Google Dance is, it is the time that Google starts updating and changing their algorithms and updating Page Rank on all of the Websites that are indexed in their system.

After that particular dance, I ended up with a Page Rank of 2. Yes, that's right...PR2. Now I know that a PR2 is not a huge achievement, but get this...it was for a website that had only been registered for a few weeks. Now the really funny part of this is that until a couple of days ago, that URL was only a forwarding URL to my Blog hosted on Blogspot. If I went to the real URL for the blog, it was a PR0, but my forwarding was a PR2. Now, of course, I have that URL hosted and a site is up, but for a Forwarded Domain to pull a PR2 off of 1 Article is pretty Amazing.

This just goes to show you the POWER behind good Content! I have since changed most of my marketing methods to incorporate Article Writing as my primary method for Traffic Generation.

It works, folks! It Just WORKS!

About The Author

Scott Raven is an Internet Marketer and Online Entrepreneur. He makes his home in Arkansas, with his Wife and 2 Daughters. You can visit Scott’s Blog at www.TheRavenProject.com.

This article may be reprinted and used on your site as long as No Portion of the article is changed and all Web Links remain Active. Copyright © 2005 TheRavenProject. All Rights Reserved.

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