Safelists Actually Do Work...If You Know How To Work Them

żby: Jason Dinner

There are many people who say that safelists are a waste of time, money, and email space. They are right of course... for them. The reason there are some, no wait, many that make the above claims is because they don't know how to use them. They are too busy trying to sell you on whatever business they are involved with. And they wonder why they don't make any money!!!

Now let's flip the coin and talk about the people that swear by them. They know something about safelists and how to use them that the ones that think they are useless don't.

You see, the secret is that safelists are good for only one thing. And that is to drive traffic to your squeeze or landing page. A squeeze page is a mini sales page with an opt-in form on it. It is designed for the sole purpose of getting the visitor to give you their name and email address. 99% of the time this will only happen if you are offering something of value for Free to your visitor. Some examples can be free ebooks, software or email series of tips related to the reason they came to your site in the first place.

Once you get their contact information, you can have your autoresponder do the rest of the work for you. Well, I hope this solves your prejudice about safelists and opened your eyes to a new source of optins/subscribers to help you grow your business. Just remember to use a compelling subject line to get them to open the email and an even more compelling message to get them to visit your site. Also, persistency and consistency is the key to succeed in anything. Just remember to do a little bit each day to help you reach your goals. All the best in your success.

Jason Dinner

About The Author

Jason Dinner is fairly new to the internet marketing scene. Don't discount him though. He has grown his opt-in list of subscribers from 0 to over 2000 from July 21st 2005 until November 21st. Over 75% of them have some from safelists only.

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