Google Adwords For Beginners

żby: Marsha James

Too many people are throwing up a website getting a Google Adwords account and expecting to get a swarm of traffic to the new website. They are then completely confused when this doesn't happen because everywhere they read said it was that simple. It is in a way, if you follow some simple rules.

1. Sit down and think of keywords that people will use to find your website.

2. Make a list of the keywords and also search for programs that will help you such as keyword generator in your adwords account.

3. Don't just add popular keywords to your campaign. If you had an electronics website and just put down the word computer that would get you 12,000 clicks but it would cost you $32,000 at a rate of over $2.90 per click and this is just per DAY. Instead try using phrases or specific items that your selling such as: computer case, computer hard drive, pentium 4 computers. By doing this you will get a much more targeted audience, and each person will have been looking for something specific that they just might find at your website.

4. Don't create a campaign of 2,000 keywords and phrases. Try a few campaigns each with 5-10 words and phrases.

5. Create a budget and stick to it. Find a daily limit that is right for you and don't raise it in a bidding war for the #1 rank spot.

6. If you have just thrown together a website and plan to get adwords for the traffic, don't. Adwords is advertised as the thing to do to get traffic, but it is rarely explained that to do this you will need to be spending $10 a word just trying to get on the first page of a search. Start a website, trade links, add your site to search engines, do whatever it takes to start making some traffic. Because if you have traffic FIRST can achieve a high rank and spend only pennies per word. That is because adwords was created in a way to stop big companies from strong holding the little guys. The more traffic you have the more it means that your a popular place to be so google rewards you by moving you up the ranks. The higher you are the more people will see your ad and hopefully bring you sales or visitors.

About The Author

Marsha James spent years researching and trying to find the right work at home business. There were mistakes, scams and headaches, but ultimately she found her way and now makes a living work from her home.

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