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┐by: Mike Freeman

There are lots of ways to make money online, I met someone last year who worked from home a few hours a week and made alot of money, ┐28,000 a month just from one site. He did this because he had a site with a popular forum on one particular subject. He then charged ┐2 a month subscription fee and he had 14000 members worldwide.

Thats what made me look into it and it started from there for me. I spent quite alot of cash trying to make it happen at first, the problem is there is just so many people out there promising to sell you infomation or a system. Most of these are being used by so many people that its almost impossible to make decent money as there is too much competition.

I tried alot of the different methods of making money online, and id say this, its quite easy to make small amounts, but to make a full time income you need a few different income streams all making a bit of cash. Together this will hopefully add up to a full time income. This is also the safest way as the internet changes all the time and just last month Google brought in some new rules that made one of my income generating sites worthless overnight.

Here are a couple of my sites that are making me a bit of cash every month:

The first one sells ebooks, these are word or pdf files, when someone buys one my computer automatically sends the book out to them. They are only 99p each but you can buy all 700 for ┐12.99. That may not sound like alot but i have an unlimited supply because im just emailing copies of a file. A couple of ┐12.99 sales per day can work out to a nice amount over a month for doing nothing. Also every time someone clicks on the adverts to the right i get a few pence. The banners are other sites that are related to making money online.

The second page lets you buy a premium rate phoneline. This can make you a nice anmount but depends how much you advertise. (the back of bus tickets work great for ringtones).

Anyway, these kind of things are good but can be complicated to set up. To someone who is just starting out i would say the best system by far is plug in profits.

If your tempted by any online income system then find out who created it. If the guy is not famous for making lots of money then it doesnt work, simple as that.

Plug in profits was done by a guy called Stone Evans and he is very well known for making money.

I would reccomend this system because it can make very good money but also he will set the whole thing up for you. Most systems require you to be able to do allsorts of things with a computer that they dont tell you about until you sign up.

My main website is all about the different ways to make money online.

You can sign up here for my free newsletter which will send you a free lesson out showing you some basics on internet marketing.

Beware though as making money online is very addictive, especially when you wake up check your email and realise youve made money whilst you were asleep.

Ive just realised how much i have wrote, and that it may sound like a sales pitch, look at the site and decide for yourself, but if you get tempted to sign up for any system do this one as it not only works but teaches you alot, i wish i had found this first instead of struggling for months to work things out for myself.

Anyway thats the best advice i can give, let me know how you get on and maybe we could do some jv's or reciprocal linking together and make some cash, lol. Dont worry you will find out what that means.

Any other questions just ask.

About The Author

Mike Freeman is a successful Internet Marketer and Creator of many sites including

He publishes a free newsletter teaching the basics of internet marketing. You can sign up at

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