Profiting from Sports Arbitrage

 by: Al Walker

Never lose a sports wager again!

Sports betting arbitrage is NOT to be confused with gambling which carries a risk! It is a system where you trade with two different bookmakers who have opposing views on the outcome of an upcoming event. The result is a profit for you, no matter who wins the event.

Numerous arbitrage situations or "risk free bets" are created every day in sport's betting markets due to the increasing number of bookmakers operating worldwide. This is attributed to a minor flaw in the betting system that is perfectly legal and tax-free in most countries.

If you are new to sport's arbitrage trading take a moment to imagine yourself placing a trade that ALWAYS wins, regardless of the outcome of the event. You never lose when you place an arbitrage trade, you're not betting at all - you are trading.

As an Arbitrage Trader you will need absolutely NO knowledge of what you are betting on and you will know exactly what your profit is going to be BEFORE you put any trade on!

There are many systems offered on the Internet for arbitrage trading, some good and some not so good... Most of the services rely on manual searching for opportunities, which is very time consuming and inefficient. The right software eliminates that inefficiency and there is no limit to the income that can be earned.

Automated system software can give you full control over your arbitrage trading. The software checks every few seconds for an arbitrage to be delivered directly to your desktop. Place your arbitrage and that's it! No waiting around for emails and no searching for links to place your trade.

Does it work?

I signed up for a one month subscription for the arbitrage software and decided to see if I could make money on my first sports arbitrage trade. This was my fist experience with Sports Arbitrage.

I had the program up and running on my desktop in about 10 minutes. Every 60 seconds the program automatically refreshed itself with new trades. The course was very easy to understand and I'm glad I had it because there are some unknown strategies that I might have missed.

The program recommended a football trade between Miami and Cleveland so I decided to trade $500. I entered this into the system and it immediately told me what amount to place with each bookmaker and what my profit would be. In this case I was looking at $47.00.

When I was ready, I clicked the "place trade" button and up popped both of the bookmaker's websites. I quickly signed up and placed my bet with each of them.

Once that was done all I had to do was wait to be notified by email that I'd won and my winnings were deposited in my secure account.

You profit, no matter who wins!

About The Author

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