The Secret To Network Marketing Success

 by: Timothy Rohrer

Many people have tried program after program in hopes of building their dream business. The fact is, 99% of these people fail. I have personally tried Quixstar, Market America, Amway and Liberty Alliance only to find out that it was extremely difficult to convince people of the business idea. So the questions then becomes how does one become successful in multi-level-marketing?

The reason for the 99% failure rate is that people do not have the knowledge they need to start their own network marketing business. One key factor is the product or products available. Simply put, the product is what drives your business. It’s essential to have a product that is in demand or a product that can generate money on its own. For example, skin care products cannot generate money on their own. The consumer would have to resell the skin care products to generate any kind of profit. However, if the product were a guide on how to trade e-currency, the consumer could then use the product to make money trading e-currency and resell the e-currency guide to his or her clients.

When people start out in network marketing, they initially try to get their friends, family, relatives and co-works to join their program. Though it’s possible to persuade a few to join, this is a big mistake. Unless your friends and family are expert marketers and entrepreneurs you may be wasting your time. Targeting people that are business savvy and that may have already seen success in another program is a good place to start.

Now that we have established a product or program, we must target an audience. Thinking outside of the box is what has enabled a lot of people to achieve their desired incomes through network marketing. Not only do you want the business savvy people in your down line, but you also want the people who share common goals and ideas. For example, try to target people wanting to get out of credit card debt, or who want to remodel their home, take a trip or need some extra cash. You will be surprised how many people seeking to get out of credit card debt are prime candidates for recruitment.

It’s now time to launch an internet marketing campaign for your new business or product. The internet is a powerful marketing tool to use when it comes to finding people to join your business. The most cost effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website or affiliate link is to write articles with your link attached and submit them to articles directories. Secondly, look into pay per click search engines. Both methods if used correctly are extremely effective when it comes to getting your opportunity in front of the right people.

Finding a product that can be used to make money, and that is easy to resell is key. There are a lot of programs and products online that will promise both, however only a few of them actually work.

Copyright 2005 Timothy Rohrer

About The Author

Timothy Rohrer is an established writer and network marketer online. To view a program that has seen continous success visit

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