Personal Freedom Through Internet Business

¿by: Troy Pearsall

After 23 year of corporate life and 9 years of working as a manager for a state funded insurance company service was like some many before me laid off from my job. But unlike many others I knew the lay-off was an important turning point in my life. A big picture person I realized that most people in the organization I had just left could not or would not see things the way he did. On many occasions I would express what I thought was good money making idea only to have these people of limited dreams laugh in my face. Many times I would read about these same ideas 3 to 5 years later as the next big money makers.

It was obvious that my thoughts, concepts and dreams could not be fully expressed in the corporate world of honey bee (or should I say African killer Bee) like drones who could not between the lot of them come up with an original idea unless the boss asked them to. These people whose greatest desire was to go on vacation for two weeks a year when the boss said they could. Would not ever be able to understand who I was or what I was about. I don¿t know how I made it through 23 years of dealing with them and not go crazy

When he was told about the layoff unlike many others I was not angry, a sigh of relief came over me that I had not felt for years. With in two weeks I had lost the few (30) pounds that I gained during my stay and so many of the act and pains that I once had were gone. My next step was to find a way to make some money, and the internet seemed to be the perfect place for me.

Now whenever you take on any life changing endeavors you need support. I thought I had the support of my wife, but she had only known the years of stability that I had with the job. Who did I think I was trying to change direction in midstream? What sense did it make to give up my future for a dream? I wondered if what I was doing was the right thing for her. I had to show her that I could be successful and that I would still the person that she could depend on.

I created a few website trying my luck with affiliate programs and a bodybuilding website ( but none of this made any money. This kind of discouraged me because I knew that I had to make it in the online business, I thought deep down inside that this was where I needed to be. I knew this was what I was born to do. But hey, for the first time in my life I was not making money. What gives?

After about a month of losing money in one get rich scam after another I began to wonder if I should not go back to corporate America and become a worker drone just like all my friends. Then the word of my father came into my head. ¿Troy, do what make you feel good and the money will come at that moment I dispelled any thought of not succeeding and continued to move I a positive direction.

One day, not so long ago I came across and advertisement while surfing for hits (this is a practice which is quite common among internet business people or at least I thought) this advertisement was colorful and eye catching and had everything that would turn me off from advertisements bright highlighted words at the top and unbelievable promises about how I could make money online. I had read it all before and I knew this one was no different, but for reason that I can¿t explain I read it.

I liked what the ad had to say, and heck the price was perfect for me (free) I just could not believe that what he was saying was true. Within a few days I had my own website up and running, and I was an affiliate with not one but 5 programs. With a perfect step by step program that explained everything that I need to know. I was finally seeing how this internet stuff worked.

It¿s been almost 4 month since I left my job and I have not become rich with what I am doing yet. But I do understand how to get things going and for the first time in these last few months my future looks much better.

Look being self-employed is not for everyone. Its hard work, a lot of hard work! You may have heard on the radio or saw on the TV stories of people making ungodly amounts of money working form themselves with ebay or in real-estate . But what you did not hear is they worked their tails off. Hey if you are going to work your tail off make it for yourself; your family; not for someone that has power to fire you and change your life at any time he/she feels.

So go after your dreams I can not express enough the power and freedom that you get form starting your own business. I feel it, and I know there are a lot of you reading this article right now that want that freedom also. My suggestion to you is if it¿s in your deepest most intimate feelings that you should start your own business then you should.

I can¿t promise you success, but if you do nothing, I surely can promise you failure.

Copyright ¿ Troy Pearsall

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