Abuse Google Adsense, Legally

żby: Edwin Book

Many sites and blogs pop out every single day to profit from google adsense. The number is so overwhelming that it is almost impossible to count them.

As we know, content is king. To draw traffic to your site, you need to provide quality and original content everyday on your site. Crappy sites that are built just for google adsense will get no traffic and even get a ban from google

The process of content building can be very time-consuming. Hence, many bought softwares that automatically create thousand of high quality content pages. These pages are search engine optimized. The problem with such method is that google will delist your site from their search engine.

While people are debating over the moral of sites built for google adsense, thousands are making a killing off google adsense. Most of them are using a technque called the Systematic Leverage.

You might argue that such technique is morally unsound. If using such technique is legal and causes no harm to anyone, i will do it. It is your choice.

So back to the point. What is Systematic Leverage? It is a system where you purchase dirt-cheap traffic and sorting it out automatically so that most of the traffic goes to your AdSense site.

Once targeted traffic gets to your site, you will be able to generate a decent click through rate with some tricks (dont worry, it's legal).

The end result is that you spent less on traffic than what you earn from your google adsense clicks.

It only takes 45 days to find out if such technique works. I have personally tried out all the steps and it is working very well for me. It taught me how to get ultra cheap traffic and having a dramatic increase in click through rate.

If you have all the time and patience in the world, this book is not for you. I do have much time as my children are eagerly waiting everyday for me to feed them.

Again, it is your choice.

About The Author

Edwin Book is an independent ebook reviewer. He made his living online from a wide range of instruments mainly Google Adsense, Google Adword, Blogging, ebay stores, directories and other business websites.


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