10 Inside Secrets to Google Adwords - Part 3

 by: Ron Isaiah

Has this ever happened to you? You spend hard-earned money

on Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising and you lose

more money than you make. It seems that Google is getting

richer while you get poorer. There are several tricks to

advertising on Google Adwords that unless you know them, it

becomes almost impossible to turn a profit on your

advertising. Part 3 of this series continues the theme of

revealing the inside secrets of successful, profitable

advertising with Google Adwords.

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Secret #8 - Track your ads by keyword in Google Adwords

After spending the time setting up separate AdGroups within

Google Adwords for each keyword as mentioned above, the key

is to know which keywords are costing you money and which

ones are profitable. The only way to know that is to track

how many people click on the ad and which of those clicks

convert into sales (or actions you hope the prospect to

take, such as registering for your email newsletter, etc.).

There are several ways to do this, including Google Adwords

own ad tracking system (which I do not recommend for several

reasons that I won't elaborate on in this brief article).

Ad tracking basically comes down to a choice between paying

for a subscription to a service or buying software that

installs on your own web hosting server. From hard-won

experience, let me tell you to avoid the subscription

services altogether. Relying on someone else's service for

your critical stats is a gamble you do not want to take.

There are several good software programs out there that will

do the job, but I recommend the one you can find at:


Secret #9 - Put keywords in your ad text in Google Adwords

Did you know that the keywords that are part of the text of

your ads in Google Adwords will appear in BOLD? If someone

searches for "plastic widgets" and your ad text reads "50%

off plastic widgets", then the phrase 'plastic widgets' will

appear in bold when your ad is displayed. This makes a huge

difference in the click-thru rate of your ads!

If you don't believe me, simply follow the tip mentioned

above for split-testing your ads and create two ads, one

with the keywords in the ad text and the other without. You

will be surprised at how much better the Google Adwords ad

with the keyword(s) in the ad text performs.

Secret #10 - Only run ads on the Google 'Search Network' in

Google Adwords

When creating a new campaign in the Google Adwords system,

the default campaign settings are configured to show your

ads on both the 'Content Network' and the 'Search Network'.

Google has a pay-per-click affiliate program called Google

Adsense. This program pays people for each click on Google

Adwords ads that are displayed on their own web sites. The

problem for you, the Google Adwords advertiser, is that you

do NOT want your ads showing up on any old website that has

relevant content to your ad. You only want your ad

displayed to people actively searching for the keyword(s)

that trigger the display of your ad. Why? Because these are

the best prospects for whatever you are trying to sell!

The power of the Google Adwords system is that you can

attract highly-targeted, motivated buyers to your site by

displaying an ad relevant to what a person is searching for

at the moment that person is looking for what you are

selling. By allowing your ads to be displayed on Google's

'Content Network', your ads are showing on all kinds of

websites being casually surfed by people that may not be

interested at all in what you are selling. This means you

are paying for these Google Adsense clicks for less than

qualified prospects.

The first thing you should do when creating a new Google

Adwords campaign is uncheck the 'Content Network' box in the

campaign settings and limit your ads to being displayed only

on Google's 'Search Network' to insure only highly qualified

and motivated prospects click on your Google Adwords ads.

Make no mistake about it...finding qualified, motivated

buyers and getting them to your website when they are ready

to buy is what doing business online is all about. There

is no better marketplace for this steady stream of valuable

traffic than with Google Adwords. By employing the tips and

strategies outlined in this series of articles, you will be

armed to the teeth to convert those hard earned dollars

spent on Google Adwords into profits for your online


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