Internet Marketing Beginners, Here's The Big Secret!

 by: Willie Crawford

Like many people struggling to make a better life for themselves, and their families, you stumbled across the Internet as a possible way to do this. You read about all of the big success stories, and began planning how you would join their ranks.

After several YEARS of working long and hard at building your websites, generating traffic, and even creating a few of your own products, you discover that you're working harder for yourself than any boss would ever expect. You also calculate that you're earning LESS per hour than you'd earn working in a fast food restaurant.

After many more hours of intense study, the light bulb finally comes on. You see a way to shortcut the climb to success. If you could just get one of those people with the HUGE lists to recommend your product to their lists, you'd be "set for life."

Now the question becomes, “How do you get their attention, and convince them that it's in their best interest to promote your product to their lists?”

Please allow me to inject just a little brutal reality for you here...

First of all, those people with list of 50,000... 100,000... even 250,000 subscribers get bombarded with request to promote all types of products every day. I personally receive more software, ebooks, huge DVD courses, and accesses to membership sites, than I can ever look at. The FedEx guy drops off unexpected, and unrequested, packages to my house several times per week. My home office has about $20,000 worth of products stacked up in a corner that I don't anticipate ever working my way completely through... since new stuff arrives regularly.

Knowing that first fact, it's actually probably easier to focus on those with somewhat smaller list when seeking joint venture partners. Honestly, many of those with smaller list also have much more responsive lists. The smaller lists are sometime more responsive because they haven't been desensitized by being constantly bombarded with "special offers."

List owners who get flooded with JV offers need a system of screening which offers they will take a serious look at in their very limited spare time. Often that filter is friends. If one of their friends recommends that they promote a product, they're more likely to take a serious look at. Their friends pre-screen offers.

A second type of filter is certain "high powered" individuals that have managed to gain a reputation for only presenting the big dogs with world-class joint venture offers. These individuals often work as "JV brokers." Since they make the job of large list owners, and the job of those seeking to introduce products to the marketplace, easier, they serve a very useful function. In exchange for brokering deals, and getting products noticed that might otherwise die on the vine, they get paid a percentage commission for putting the joint ventures together.

I share the story of just one joint venture I personally brokered, that sold nearly $60,000 worth of a $47 ebook in under 30 days, in a special report I wrote. You can grab a copy of that free PDF report at If you'd like more insight into how this process works, that special report is essential reading.

In my work as a JV broker, I quickly recognized a second point that you need to acknowledge. Large list owner, and those with the attention of your target audience, often prefer selling big ticket items. They can tell their lists about a $29 piece of software that they earn $15 on each sale from, or they can tell their lists about a $997 course where they earn $498 on each sale. Assuming that either choice requires the same amount of work, which do you think your typical "top shelf” marketer is going to choose?

When you start to develop your own products, realize that you will need products that span a wide range of price points, but that you'll get those with the large lists most excited about helping you by approaching them with products "big ticket" enough to make promoting them worthwhile. Developing and launch one of these big ticket items is really no more difficult than launching a simple ebook. You go through the same product launch sequence... the same product launch formula. That formula has been tested and thoroughly documented by online marketers such as John Reese, and Jeff Walker, author of the Product Launch Formula, which you'll find here:

Outside of a JV broker, a recommendation from a friend of a "top shelf” marketer, or just plain luck, your best way to get the attention of one of the large list owners is negotiating face-to-face during a live seminar or conference. At these events, big-name marketers, and the speakers, are very accessible. Over dinner, or in the hallway during a break, it's very easy to "strike up a conversation" with one of them. It's natural during one of these conversations for them to ask you what you do. When you're asked that question, if you're ready with a concise, thought-provoking answer, you may get that big break.

To locate seminars and conferences, subscribe to the seminar summary list published from an authority site such as: This site is also a great site to bookmark and visit frequently. Often, you'll discover free, or low-cost, event near you. This site also lists teleseminars that you might want to listen in on.

There are also many seminars set up JUST to give you a chance to joint venture and network. These events pull together people actively looking for joint venture partners. These types of seminars are regular hosted by several well-known individuals and organizations.

Michael Penland regular hosts his Internet and Joint Venture Conferences. You can get more details on these, which I regularly attend, at:

JV Alert, regularly has joint venture seminars/weekends, where they not only help you to put together HUGE joint ventures, but also coach you on how to best land a lucrative JV. These seminar are hosted in various parts of the U.S. with plans of hosting them worldwide. The next one is in Orlando, Florida in February 2006. I'll be attending that event too. You can read about these weekends, set up primarily to teach YOU how to to land lucrative JV's, at:

In comparing proven methods of setting up lucrative joint ventures with large list owners, the very best way to do this IS face to face. That's because it's just easier to set up a deal when you're sitting across the dinner table from someone, than it is via emails.

When looking for the quickest way to grow your business as a beginner, nothing is quicker, or easier, than joint venturing with those who already have the attention of your target market.

Now that you know the secret, all that you need to do is... go do it! That's the second big secret. You need to develop "the action habit". Top marketers prefer dealing with those who have a demonstrated track record as someone who does more than just talk a good talk. Once you start approaching the "big dogs" and develop the action habit, you won't be a beginner for long. You'll soon be partnering with, and learning from, the best in the industry.

Copyright 2005 Willie Crawford

About The Author

Willie Crawford has taught PROVEN Internet marketing techniques to thousands of successful Internet entrepreneurs since late-1996. Subscribe to his free weekly ezine, which helps you cut through the clutter and time-wasting hype. Subscribe now by visiting:

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