Marketing Strategy Through Promotional Materials

 by: Scott F. Geld

Importance of Promotional Materials

Looking through your drawers and the whole room you will

notice that you have a number of promotional materials of

various companies, collected over a period of time.

Promotional material from a company will have its logo,

emblem and a brief message.

If you look into your drawers, you will notice a lot of

items like magnets, pens, stress balls, caps, rulers,

golf balls, key rings, t-shirts and letter openers with

company logos lying there.

These promotional materials are very cost effective, but

companies are still not using them very often as a

marketing tool to send their advertising message to the

prospects. These promotional materials are called ad

specialties. You can use a variety of items as ad

specialties by printing your logo, emblem or message on

them. These ad specialties have a long life because they

remain in possession of the prospects for quite some

time- a week, a month or even longer depending on the

life of the product and how interesting and useful did

the prospect find it in the first place. More the utility

that the ad specialty item has, longer will be its life

with the prospect and more number of times the prospect

will look at the company emblem and the message.

Ad specialty items can leave a lasting impression on the

prospect. Marketers on their part need to put in mind and

effort to design new and creative ad specialty items, so

that the customers hold on to these items for a longer

time, thereby increasing the life of the item and the

message of the company. These items can become

representative of a special event organized by the

company like a charity show or a fare or even an

anniversary party. People cherish the mementos from these

kind of events and hold on to them for years.

You need to plan for the release of the specialty item

well in advance. Make sure you have chosen the right

item, given the right message to the printer, made sure

that the correct color scheme has been explained to the

printer as well. Even though the turnaround time for

getting the items made is quick, still you should order

them well in advance, so that there is time even if last

minute delays like faulty artwork, shipping delays etc,

can be taken care of. Once the ad specialties are with

you, make sure you distribute them to the customers and

prospects, immediately so that they start using them and

item starts its work of advertising for the company.

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