Viral Marketing

 by: Scott F. Geld

Marketing Campaign Through Viral Marketing

Every time a new product or service is launched it is

talked about. This interest that is created around a

product is a kind of advertising- we could call it Viral

Marketing. Word of mouth advertising can be effectively

propagated firstly if the product has the potential to

spread and if an interest can be generated around it.

This word of mouth publicity then needs to continue

holding and increasing market attention, like a virus,

till it has ensured the product's presence in the market.

Viral marketing is similar to other marketing programs

where it also requires a strong plan and a resolute

campaigner who can make the plan work. As an accepted

policy, every marketing strategy must have viral

marketing as an integral part of the overall plan. The

heart of the marketing virus is to include in your plans

ways that your customers will share the product and talk

about it.

To capture and retain the attention of the customer try

unusual and different ways to promote and sell your

product. For example, a web company would be expected to

market itself on the Internet and an offline marketing

campaign would catch the people's attention, as it would

be a different style of selling. To ensure that it will

spread through word of mouth, make a campaign simple and


Another novel option is to set up a message board, a

lounge or an online forum where people can talk about

your product. Referrals and awards associated with these

are good campaign pointers. Free memberships, bonus,

rebates are freebies that can be associated with

referrals. Adding a tag line akin to the one used by

Hotmail earlier to advertise their products by compelling

customers to read the email signature is also a good


It caught the world by storm, as customers understood its

benefits while on the site itself. Market planners also

organize discussions and forums where a diverse group of

people can talk about a new product. Multilayered

marketing systems offer rewards and incentives to

customers who can convince another person to buy their

new product.

About The Author

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