Becoming a Successful Internet Marketer

┐by: Cherylin Gilad


Dear Friend:

I recently stumbled across an incredible educational resource which totally demystifies internet marketing, allowing virtually anyone to understand the ABCs of how to make money online. Aside from teaching the many technical aspects of how to set up an online business, I am discovering many other golden nuggets - unique tips and techniques I have never seen compiled together anywhere else.

For example, I have just been reading about a fascinating Japanese philosophy called ┐Kaizen┐. Translated from Japanese, this word means ┐to continually improve┐. This concept was a driving force behind Japan┐s explosive growth in the global automotive and electronics industries, enabling them to capture the lion┐s share of these two markets starting in the late 80┐s.

Taking this concept and applying it to an online business is a surefire way to catapult your business into the big leagues. After initially setting up a website for any business venture, all one needs to do is commit to making small, incremental improvements and over time, the end product will become so much more efficient and effective than its original version, success will be assured. This applies to not only the actual design and running of the website (if that is what you are improving) or it could be that you are improving the actual product or service you are selling. Regardless, striving to continually improve and grow the business, bit by bit, is by far the best way to stay leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.

If you are anything like me, the whole process of setting up a website and conducting business online can appear daunting. Although it can seem overwhelming when learning something new, using the principle of ┐Kaizen┐ can make this process as painless as possible. You don┐t have to accomplish it all overnight! Slow and steady wins the race - not fast and furious. You can start off small and gradually grow your business by learning new tricks to implement as often as is feasible for you. If you learned something new every week, or month, which would improve your sales by just 5%, and you applied that knowledge to your business, imagine how much more profit you would be generating after only a year? The implications of this are staggering!!

I hope this principle of ┐continual improvement┐ has been as helpful and insightful for you as it has been for me. May everyone reading this be blessed with ever-increasing success in their Internet Marketing business.

Onward and Upward,

Cherylin Gilad

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About The Author

Cherylin Gilad is an up and coming Internet Marketer. She is

currently working on the creation of her website which will be

showcasing alternative forms of healing.

ebsite which will be

showcasing alternative forms of healing.

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