Google Is Taking Over

 by: Pawel Reszka

Google has come a long way since 1998. Wall Street values Google at over 100 billion dollars and that makes the company the biggest media company. Google’s search engine has become the most used search tool in the world and provides effective contextual advertising system for small and medium business owners. The company also has an income opportunity for many web publishers through their Adsense program which allows the website owners place Google ads on their site.

The company created a movement on the internet marketing scene where marketers are trying to get top rankings on Google and cash-in on the free traffic it provides. Many people use Google Adwords to promote affiliate programs and earn money from sales they generate. There are books being written about how to create additional income streams using Google. If you do a search online for “make money with google” or “make money with adsense”, it will bring up thousands of websites with information to help you get started. Many webmasters build websites specifically designed to display Adsense ads on it to generate cash. Google has become the American dream of many publishers on the internet by helping them monetize their website’s traffic. You can create your own Adsense empire that can generate thousands of dollars in revenue per month. Also by using Adwords people start earning money within hours.

The company seems to keep growing in strength, but there are competitors on their way. Microsoft has already declared a war on Google, and Yahoo started improving their own contextual advertising system. It seems like many people are waiting for the competition to arrive which could create better and more attractive opportunities. In the present time Google is the winner because of its simplicity and speed. Searching through Google provides relevant results faster than any other engine. It also appears that Google attracts more buyers than Microsoft or Yahoo, which proves the effectiveness of the Adwords and Adsense programs. The two advertising programs has become the most popular in the internet marketing industry and provide great solution for small businesses online.

Google is the company of the 21st century with unlimited possibilities. Its flexibility and creativeness makes the company the strongest competitor in the search industry. Google plans on developing new products and advertising opportunities which will help the internet giant reach out to different market areas and increase their value on the stock market.

Copyright 2006 Pawel Reszka

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