Every one of us here at InternetSeer shares the passion of small business. We believe that small business owners are the world's engine of business innovation and growth.

When our team of experienced Internet entrepreneurs and professionals pulled together in 2000 it was with the goal of providing every small business with an essential service - Web site monitoring. We have been successful beyond all expectations. Within months InternetSeer became the world's largest provider of Web site monitoring services and today we monitor Web sites around the clock for more than 1.7 million Subscribers in more than 50 countries.

Why have we been so successful?

Every business that has made an investment in their Web site needs to know when their site is not available - yet most online businesses have no idea if their site is down. Before InternetSeer, the high cost of Web site monitoring kept it out of reach for the vast majority of businesses. InternetSeer provides the same high value service at an extremely low price. Click here to start monitoring your Web site.

But this has only been the first stage of InternetSeer's developing story.

InternetSeer is more than just the largest Web site monitoring company in the world. As our interaction with our Subscribers has grown we have increasingly come to realize that the issues InternetSeer faces as a growing online small business are identical to those being faced by most of our Subscribers. Because of this our experienced Internet team has identified and begun to offer what we have found to be the most useful services to assist you in growing your business, controlling costs and reducing risks.

Most importantly, we have leveraged the power of our 1.4 million Subscribers to negotiate special discount pricing and have passed these offers on to our Subscribers. Not unexpectedly, your response to these offers has been tremendous.

Your feedback is encouraged.

We are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online. I encourage your feedback and suggestions as to how we can best help you. It is our belief that small businesses will continue to drive the global economy. It is our goal to provide you with at least a small part of the fuel that you need to power your drive.

I invite you to join our community of small businesses and get some "peace of mind" as well.


The InternetSeer Team

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